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コウ・ヤガミ [userpic]

Fukami+Mahou Shojo = OMGWTFBBQ!?

February 21st, 2008 (12:27 pm)

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Checked 2channel today, Fukami Makoto's work' thread. And can't stop myself for screaming after find out his June-release-book...

【著:深見真】 魔法少女バトル

Okay, I know he's alaways try a new genre, and yes, I know that since Nanoha's era, most of yuri-otaku loves yuri in mahou-shojo genre, but still...FUKAMI!? That bloody-almost goreloved, 'Kill-them-all Tomino' for light novel world, always insert at least one gay-character (yuri and BL, both) in his books, TRY TO MAKE A MAHOU SHOUJO NOVEL!?
You gottabe kidding me...
And what the hell that title means!? Fall in love in the bloody rain?! 何血雨の中の運命の出会い?Sensei...I still can't stop think why the hell I respect you...


Posted by: Natsuki Seika (nseika)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)

- anta wa light novel fan
- chinami ni yurizuki no fan
- tsuyoi onna mo suki
- chotto eroppoi banashi mo suki
- first impact yang berkesan sekali di YGC
- sering sekali nongkrongin topik dan diarynya si Fukami, bahkan komunikasi
- ironna imi de, kanari M na bubun mo iru

boleh terus ? ^-^

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